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Siwa Location (SIWA OASIS)
Siwa Location
The oasis is 82 km long and has a width varying between 2 and 20 km. The economical base of the oasis is agriculture of which dates and olives are the principal products. There are 300,000 date palms and 70,000 olive trees. The agriculture is fed by natural springs as well as a couple of artificial ones on the recent decades.
In Siwa, there are 3 large salt lakes, Birket Maraqi , Birket Siwa, and Birket Zaytun .
The main settlement is Shali, situated at the centre of the oasis. Tourism has gradually flourished in this area, but the number of visitors remains small, yet transparent in the oasis.
With a population of about 23,000, Siwa, the most inaccessible of all Egypt's oasis until very recently, is also one of the most fascinating places in Egypt, lying some 60 feet below sea level. On the edge of the Great Sand Sea, its rich history includes a visit from Alexander the Great to consult the Oracle of Amun in 331 BC. Archaeologists, such as Liana Souvaltsis implied that the great military leader was burried here, but no real evidence has come from this. The King of Persia lead a 50,000 man army to the area to distroy the oracle, but the entire army was lost in the desert.
The area has a nice climate. Lake Siwa - at the west of it - is a large, saltwater lake.