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Siwa Diving
Diving in the springs of the desert is a new adventure through which you can enjoy the crystal pure water with different depths reaching down to 12 meters. In these springs you enjoy the healthy sulfur water, dive down to the origin of the spring and touch the hot air bubbles coming out from the sand.

Cleopatra Spring
Depth of 9 meters, crystal pure water, warm temprature and hot sulfuer bubbles come out from the rocky ground. This spring is located in the heart of Siwa, surrounded by palm trees forest. This spring was for her majesty Queen CLEOPATRA, queen of Egypt, to swim in because of the effect of the enriched sulfur water on the skin of her majesty. Existing for more than 2000 years.
Aboshroof Spring
It is a big sulfur spring, 40 km from Siwa center, has crystal pure water, 11 meters deep and contains strange, but very friendly kind of fish. Surprisingly, at the deeper part of the spring you will see the wall which surrounds the lower 2 meters of the spring. It is an ancient wall construced since the Roman time. Cold lake of Beer Wahid

Very healthy fresh water in the middle of the desert of 19 degrees. Its water comes from the bottom of earth with its cold temprature. It is 14 meters depth, with a sandy bottom. It is rich with acquatic life. It is refreshing after sand boarding and climbimg the sandy mountains.