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Napoleon Wrecks Location
The most important wreck is "ORIENT" with 2700 gross registered tons and 120 cannons - the biggest ship of the fleet. The " Serieuse " and the " Artemise " were discovered, both frigates belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet. The " Serieuse " was the smallest ship of the fleet. It sank during a desperate attempt to keep the British fleet away from the French, while "Orient" later exploded at the climax of the battle.
7 anchors of different ships of the fleet, cannons, portable firearms and ammunition. There was a large amount of GOLD, silver and copper coins dating to the era of Louis XIV, some to Louis XV and most of them to the era of Louis XVI. There was also gold from Malta stolen by Napoleon while he was on his way to Egypt.Besides that, there are personal objects of the crew and navigation instruments.