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Cleopatra City Dive Sites

According to this map you can see the location of the diving centre in relation to different dive sites in the Eastern harbor of ALEXANDRIA. The maximum depth is 15m. and the minimum is 5m. The visibility is usually between 5 to 20 m. (which corresponds to this kind of adventure dives, finding secrets of CLEOPATRA underwater ... every 10 meters you have a new secret to discover).
It take 10 minutes by boat to each dive site.

special price 60 Euro / 2 dive  with only dive center expert in Archeology diving in Alexandria for the last 15 years

THE ANCIENT GREEK WRECK  Located outside the harbor at about 500 meters north west the harbor entrance, at 15m. depth with a visibility of 10 to 20m. The bottom composition is rocky and sandy and the aquatic life in this area is rich with Mediterranean fish. Hundreds of Greco-Roman Amphoras , in different colours and shapes, are scattered all around the site, together with an ancient anchor of Napoleon fleet, you can see all in one dive.

PHAROS ISLAND  Located ouside the Eastern harbor, around the citadel of Alexandria, at a depth of 8m. with a visibility of 10 to 15m. The bottom composition is rocky and sandy. It contains more than 8000 archeological pieces scattered on an area of 100 x 50m, reflecting how strong were the earthquakes that hit the city of Alexandria which destry the beautiful city. The site also contains thousands of columns, statues and sphinxes (Greek, Roman & pharaonic ) all mixed together. There are also parts of the wall of the second flore of the ancient light house of Alexandria, with many Helogrephic scripts on its wall, that surrounded the city, beautiful pharaonic sculpted press-wine, base of obelisk and parts of the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria. 2 dives are recommended to cover this area (even Intro. divers can visit this site).

CLEOPATRA PALACE  Located in the eastern harbor with 5m. depth , see a very big sphinx complete, crowns of columns, columns of the palace, another big statue of sphinx, it is good dive with different aquatic life in protected area of diving. Even non diver can do intro dive on this magifisent underwater history.
On this palace we had the first underwater marriage next to this big sphinx, Celine ( french dive master) and Mahmoud (Egyptian dive instructor) working for our dive center decided to marry underwater on the palace of CLEOPATRA 2006 It was the first marriage on the Palace after CLEOPATRA herself.
NOW invitation is opened to have your marriage on CLEOPATRA Palace underwater with all the wedding ceremony - dress - priest - and different international press waiting to film this great event for a very special price.

LOVERS ISLAND   Located inside the Eastern harbor, at a depth of 5m with a visibility from 5 to 10m. The bottom composition is rocky and sandy. In this site you will see the lime stones that once formed the Summer Palace of Mark Antony. You will also find Amphoras and Columns together with a Second World War British aeroplane ( Beaufort type 1941) that enhances the beauty of the underwater world in Alexandria.